Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Wedding

I set my alarm for 2:45 CST yesterday so that I would be awake for 3:00AM to catch every moment of the big wedding day.  It was like a storybook come to life.  I cried when I saw William.  I could only think of his mother and how he must have missed her that day.  I hope all of you mommies gave your little girl the opportunity to watch the prince marry his princess as I watched Diana marry Charles when I was just eleven years old.  A little girl never forgets a real life fairy tale.

Weeks before the wedding I was commisioned to paint a child's rocker for my cousin Lee who is expecting her first baby.  My mother and sister let me choose a theme.  Knowing my cousin, i knew that a royal wedding rocker for her precious one would send her over the moon.  She loves London and like I, has always been a sucker for anything fairy tale.  My mother and sister gave it to her today.  We all had tears.  Lee doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl, so cousin ellie couldn't use the pink like she really, REALLY would have liked!!!

There's a birdie flying a banner over Buckingham Palace thanking the Royals for the "free day off".  Lee was in London last month and had seen this everywhere on t-shirts and the like.  On the back of the rocker there's the "get-away" car.  Not the Aston that they actually drove off in...but, how could I have known!   Catherine and Will (in navy blue uniform and not the red that he wore) are on the balcony waving to the crazy crowd below.  There is a game of "London Bridge" and a guard taking advantage of his day off!  There's a turtle serving tea and a goosey with a basket of goodies.  There are beefeater monkeys and a a bear friend, too.  There are frog princes wating for kisses and an old chap of a pig shocked at the misbehavior of the guard hanging from the gate. 

I hope, I hope that one day, i will get to see another heir to the throne marry a princess.

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